Glass Cleaning Definitions and Description of Services:

 Window Cleaning: Cleaning solution is safe for the interior and exterior – does not harm tint on glass, solution will be applied to glass and squeegeed off. Sometimes scraping is required using a 2” or 6” wide scraper, special techniques are required to avoid potential scratching of glass.

Glass Stain: Hard water, iron, pine tar and other stains require test cleaning to determine the proper action required to reduce or minimize stain; there are multiple combinations of this cleaning process, not all stains are the same. Therefore a separate price will be provided at time of cleaning unless itemized on estimate.

Foggy/Cloudy Glass: (a common question – what has caused my glass to become cloudy?)

Is created by a ruptured seal that has caused a vacuum leak allowing air in between the panes of glass; this can also be the result of improper window cleaning with a pressure washer.

Screens: Screens will be shampooed on both sides (considering screens are in reasonable condition) and dry before inserting them back into window frame. Lighter colored screen frames sometimes reveal stains from lack of consistent cleaning or age. Cleaning of screens is an option; typically included with Classic Squeegees Quote.

Sills & Frames: There are two options:

Standard Option: Brush out and remove loose debris (bugs, lizard spiders and the occasional snake skin) from frame.

Shampoo Option: This would follow the standard option of brushing and would aid in reducing residue from the frame. Although this will provide a deeper cleaning stain may remain on frames.

Desired Results: Our intention is to provide clean glass leaving it in better condition than when we started.

Doctor’s office: This will aid in the sanitary conditions you require.

Keep in mind the results should be noticeable – Regular maintenance cleaning will typically allow your glass and frames to last longer. Cleaning glass is an art if you do not want streaks, smudges or scratched glass. Imagine what would happen to your auto if it was only washed once a year.

Intervals of cleaning: Window cleaning should be performed a minimum of two times a year for residential and a minimum of once each 30 to 90 days commercial; sometimes weekly touch up is necessary for commercial locations depending on the elements, people and auto traffic.

Gutter Cleaning: Guttering is what catches the water as it slides off the roof, down spouts (leaders) are not part of the gutter clean out, they are separate. Clogged down spouts can only be determined after gutters are cleaned.

Dryer Duct Cleaning: Our services includes the entire duct to be brushed and evacuated (not just both ends of the duct tubing). You should notice improved efficiency after your first cleaning. Insurance carrier’s recommend cleaning once per year.

 Window Decal: There are different types of material, some can be cleaned some should not (such as the “Perf” decal, this usually has a series of holes that allow a limited amount of light through.

Note: If you are seeking to have your glass and frame restored to their original condition, you need to contact a restoration company. We cannot be responsible for faulty or worn out products that are attached to or on your property. Safety is high priority!

Referrals: Is what we build our business on and is one of the highest complements. We value your business and trust you have placed in us – we are confident you will like our results!

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