Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between window washing and window cleaning?

Anyone can wash windows. If you are looking for amazingly clear windows, it’s best to hire a professional who has the right tools and expertise to achieve the results you expect.

Is the cleaning solution we use safe for tinted windows?

Yes! Our solution is not only safe for tinted windows it is environmentally friendly and will not harm the plants and shrubs around your windows.

How do you clean screens?

Will they be scrubbed with soap and water or just quickly brushed off?
It makes no sense to have clean windows and dirty screens; we will record location of each screen to its matching window, screens are shampooed on a vinyl surface with a soft bristle brush (not on concrete were the finish will get scratched).

How to I protect my windows?

  1. Adjust irrigation and sprinkler systems to avoid water splattering on the glass. It’s the minerals in the water that create spots.
  2. When painting mask the glass properly to ensure paint does not get on the glass. (A painter is doing you no favors by not masking off.)
  3. When trimming weeds direct debris away from windows and screen.
  4. When removing wasp nests, avoid spraying wasp spray and other solvents on the glass and frames. Wasp spray and solvent will break down the seal in your windows eventually causing fogged hazy glass.
  5. Avoid using hard (well) water to rinse your glass, as this will leave water spots. (You may use a squeegee or towel to dry glass).
  6. When Pressure washing avoid spraying directly on your windows. The high pressure water can damage the seals in your widows potentially resulting in fogged hazy glass. If necessary use low pressure water hose to rinse your windows and Call Classic Squeegee to schedule your window cleaning service. 

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